Strategic Marketing

What We Do

We learn all we can about your programs, your goals, your challenges, your audience and the competitive environment. And then we test, analyze and course-correct to make sure we are delivering the very best results. Our process uses insight, analytics and innovation to develop ideas creating extraordinary experiences that matter for your customers driving brand affinity and business success.  It requires us to:

  • Unearth your customers’ desires
  • Conceive ideas that uniquely quench these desires 
  • Innovate rigorously to deliver extraordinary experiences 
  • Iterate consistently to build an expanding community of brand advocates 
  • Optimize endlessly to drive ever-improving financial results 

Our process nurtures a participatory process between you and the consumer. Our role is to work with you as creative catalysts, informed by data, inspired by insights, powered by technology, and continuously validated by consumer behavior.

How We Work

Different from most marketing resources, we participate at any level of involvement you require to help you achieve your goals. We can work as consultants on your marketing efforts or as a turnkey direct marketing resource that functions as your marketing department, or anywhere in between. Specifically, we can

  • Lead the planning process: define vision, goals, and measurable sales/lead objectives, frame the issues, identify relevant trends and challenges, and develop actionable direct marketing strategies and tactics for success.

  • Ensure alignment of direct marketing objectives with business, selling and go-to-market strategies: plan, prioritize, develop, schedule, and implement tactics, including database or list development, creative development, media planning and management, automated marketing, material production, and fulfillment.

  • Determine appropriate direct marketing investment strategies: develop necessary financial models to establish sales goals, calculate appropriate ROI and maximize profitability, including automating the marketing, tracking and analysis process.

  • Manage the development and execution of: direct print and digital campaigns, delivering innovative, compelling communications that are results-driven and meet strategic objectives.

  • Contribute significant cost savings: the efficient use of vendors/resources and direct marketing best practices/alternatives.

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