About The Keil Group

JimThe Keil Group works with banks and organizations market to their products and services while enhancing their image and brand equity, and achieve their most important business goals.

To simultaneously build a brand and generate the desired levels of responses, direct marketing is employed as a strategic tool. Our approach facilitates customer and prospect engagement with long-term, data-driven automated campaigns rewarding them for paying attention to increasingly relevant messages. We don’t talk at people. We engage them with breakthrough experiences at the right time with the right message in the right channel. Buyers are inspired to action by joining the conversation, calling, participating in an event, making a purchase through digital channels or going to a brick and mortar store. The resultant relationship helps obtain optimal profitability.  Everything is measured to give you the information you need to maximize the value of your customer franchise.


Our objective is to efficiently and predictably allocate resources to find customers that will behave like your best customers and loyalize those who are your best customers.

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